Monday, August 25, 2008

Still Confused!

Today I answered my 1000th question! I wish to share with you this special occasion.

Question: (unedited)
-Do you think or believe that your life is only just a dream? Do you believe your present life is real?Is the whole world are only vibrations. There is no time, no space, nothing; everything is an illusion?Is the world still real??

2.Does Buddhism believe that WE are living a dream of ABSOLUTE BEING??? God?Whose dream is this? Is this our dream? or We are part of a great infinite dream? -Do we still exist?I don't really understand...please explain....-Do you life is just a illusion?

My comment:
My Dear R,
(You have set two records in this place. The first record was when you first visited here with your longest question. Today, you set another record for me, yours is the 1000th question asked.)

I thought you would be offended when I did not answer your question to save you from further confusion. You seem very persistent. You are still asking questions along similar lines. As I told you before, the more you read the other sites which give you contrary information, the more you are going to get confused. There is no way you can reconcile the various different contradictory information.

If you are interested in Buddhism please just concentrate learning the teachings of the Buddha. The site, I repeat, is

I repeat my answers. Your life is not a dream. The world is real. It is our understanding of this world and this life, that is flawed.

My advice to you again:

" May I suggest that you take a break and stop dwelling on your doubts, and stop reading about all the stuff that you have been reading. Please take a holiday, and relax your mind. Whenever disturbing thoughts come around, just ignore them and don't dwell in them for another second. Keep yourself busy with your hobby(ies), do some exercises, visit your friends and relatives and please relax yourself. I assure you if you just relax and don't dwell on all those doubts that trouble you, given time, you will realize that all are real, and you are a normal human being."

"As I have suggested you better take a holiday and free your mind from analyzing too many hypothetical assumptions. The more you ask the more you are going to get confused. And if you ask from so many of us in this site, you will add to your problems, for all our answers will not be the same.I am sorry I do not wish to hurt you further by making you more confused if I answer your questions."

Take care.


A true Malaysian said...


I don't force myself to understand things that I do not understand.

Just relax, take a step backward, look at a wider perspective, then I can get a better picture.

A true Malaysian said...


Thanks for the Buddhanet link, even my kids like the short stories there.

How can I contribute some tokens to your society? I would be glad to contribute in whatever I could.

Justin Choo said...

A T Msian,

Thanks for visiting and commenting.

If you wish to play a part in the spreading of Buddhism, you can contribute to the printing of Dhamma books which are distributed worldwide.

The person in KL/PJ to contact is
Lim Chin Kah at

Just mention my name.

A true Malaysian said...

Thanks and noted.

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