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Question (Unedited)
I am working on a research paper for one of my college classes. In the catholic religion the have people called incorrupitbles (Incapable of being morally corrupted). Do you have something like that in your religion?
Thank you for your time,

My comment:
Hi H,

Thank you for asking me.

There is always something new for me to learn. I never knew that there was such a term in the Catholic religion. The meaning, I would assume is that the person is 100% morally incorruptible. This is a very tall order. Are we so pure and clean that we will never be morally corrupted? I would like to be one, but there is no guarantee that I can, if being tempted continuously.

In Buddhism the frailty of humans is a very realistic and common factor. The Buddha cautioned his followers to watch their behaviour in thought, speech and action, so that they would not fall prey to heedlessness. Ordinary mortals would be very difficult to be 100% morally incorruptible. "Incapable" will be a very strong adjective, meaning that it is impossible for the person to be corrupted (even if he wishes). In Buddhism such a person would be one who has completely eradicated the 3 roots of defilements, namely greed, hatred and delusion. Such a person is called an Arahant, or "Saint" for lack of a better English equivalent. This person will be incapable of not only being morally corrupt but also incapable of being hateful and greedy. In addition he is perfectly wise and enlightened. Such people are very few in this world.

Smile from justinchoo :-)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why people choose Buddhism?

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Why do people follow this religion?

My comment:


Thank you for asking me. I would assume that you are interested to know why people CHOOSE this religion.

The most salient point in Buddhism is the FREEDOM to think and analyze. The Buddha encouraged his followers to analyze his teachings. Only if they agreed with them should they accept and follow. There are no dogmas and commandments, forcing people to accept. The basic 5 principles which Buddhists follow are universal values. They are as follows:
to refrain from killing; from stealing; from committing sexual misconduct; from telling lies; and from taking intoxicating substances.

The Buddha preached COMPASSION for all beings. Non violence is the essential theme.

The Buddha revealed the universal truth of the nature of this world and this existence. His explanations were based on facts that we could analyze. His revelations have been proven to be consistent with subsequent scientific discoveries.

The emphasis on cultivating and training the mind is yet another salient point which people choose Buddhism. A tamed mind is a gentle mind. He who has tamed his mind is a person who can live a peaceful and harmless live. He is the master of his mind. He is not one who is a slave of his mind leading to greed, hatred, and delusion.

I think the above would be good enough reasons.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Who will learn Buddhism?

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Question: (unedited)
Do you think that a certain type of person is attracted to the Buddhist ideas or way of life? If so, why?

My comment:

Not many will want to change their ways and beliefs. They have been indoctrinated by society since the day they were born. Many do not have the freedom of choice. Only those who are prepared to open their minds to new concepts and ideas can learn something different. If Buddhism is completely new to them, the only way to learn is to approach it with open mind. Otherwise, nothing can be done.

Buddhist concepts are very different from the other religions especially the God based monistic theologies. Only those who are prepared to put aside their stereotyped beliefs can learn Buddhism; otherwise they will feel threatened by the different interpretations and perception of the world and existence which Buddhism revealed.

Only those who value peace and freedom of thoughts can be attracted to Buddhism.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sixth sense.

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Question: (Unedited)
Hello, how are you!

How do you think is it possible to develop the sixth sense, or maybe some people just have it and others don't? Have you ever heard of people who made use of the sixth sense and did some extraordinary things? thanks!

My comment:
Hi L,

Welcome back.

We all have experience(s) of some uncanny "abilities" of some sort during instances in our lives. Examples: Feeling of certain events that will happen next. Familiarity of certain place during our first visit. Familiarities during dreams. Extraordinary feeling in certain places, especially in errie locations. Some have the "ability" to "see" and "communicate" with spirits. While others could foretell the future.

These are the extraordinary characteristics that we brought from our past lives. They are usually residual remnants of little significance.

A lot of people misuse these "special abilities" to make a fast buck from ignorant and greedy people. Of course we also have bogus healers and seers. In "black magic", you can acquire these abilities through "communicating with and controlling of" some lower spirits. However this is a very dangerous practice because once the person loses power and control over these spirits, he is in for trouble.

In Buddhist meditation, when one is pure and has cultivated to a certain degree in mind concentration, one may acquire certain mind power or as you call it, the sixth sense.

Please remember that the Buddha taught only the truth and the path to inner peace, by seeing the true nature of this world and this life. We strive on to check our defilements and improve our lives through purification of our minds by reducing our greed, hatred and delusion. Whether we have the sixth sense or not is actually irrelevant.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

To fight like Mike Tyson. (Part 2 of 2)

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Question: (unedited)

i am a lay buddhist and i got in a fight with a kid and now i feel bad i appolagised to him and i meditated and i recited mantra on forgivness so what is my karma right now is it low or high positive or netgitive and how can i get out of this

My comment:

Hi Tyson,

Welcome back! So you went ahead for the fight. It takes courage and character to be able to apologize to the other party. You are on the right track.

The Buddhist concept of kamma is a very complex subject. You must also know that kamma is not the only influencing factor that affect our lives. There are other factors, namely, the organic or genes; the physical like seasons; the mind or consciousness; and the natural order of phenomena like natural disasters. Kamma is the overwhelming factor that affects and influences our lives. However, we must understand what is this kamma. Kamma means action with intention; or volition. Things you do on purpose. In your case, you have done something intentionally, and this will cause a reaction or result. You can say kamma works in "mysterious" ways. We do not know when the reaction(s) will materialize. Also there are so many actions that we have performed, both good and bad; some good actions may overshadow the bad, and vise versa. So the best bet is to strive to perform good actions, and to avoid bad ones. It is common sense that actions performed cannot be retracted. This gives us more reason to be very careful with our actions.

Smile from justinchoo :-)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

To fight like Mike Tyson. (Part1 of 2)

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Question: (Unedited)
i am a 14 year old lay buddhist and i go to a highschool and im wondering is it ok to fight a kid if he really makes you mad and you want to punch him. I tried to meditate but he is still getting on my nerves so can i fight him

My comment:
Hi Tyson,

Thank you for asking me. At your age you are certainly not Mike Tyson. It is easy to get into fights, especially if you are strong and mighty. But it is not a wise decision because it is a lose lose situation. Even if you win the fight, you will still not solve the problem, because the "enemy" will still be lurking behind your shoulders waiting for the opportune time to strike. And if you lose; you lose.

It takes greater strength and character to restrain oneself. Perhaps you can physically avoid him to diffuse the difficult situation. You may consider consulting your student counsellor (if any) or your teacher, or even your parents.

Please take care.

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