Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dhamma Everywhere !!


Question: (unedited)
Hello Justin. Thank you for your answer to my question. I just have one comment. It seems the more I look around and the more I apply the teachings of the buddha to everyday life, the more the "truth" of this cyclic existence becomes clear to me. Much like realizing the silly cycle that we in the west pursue relationships with, I am amazed just how much more clearly I can see the world now. For experienced older buddhists such as yourself it must be obvious, but for me it is all brand new. I am simply amazed it all. Thanks for being patient with me.

My comment:
The fool is always blind

That's why the Buddha is the All-seeing One

When we SEE with our mind,

This world perfection is none.

The Buddha can only teach

We have to play our part

To put into practice

And feel real peace in our hearts.

The Buddha's teachings are like air

The universal truths

For each and everyone to share

They are free and everywhere.

For those who choose not to breathe

The Dhamma* air

Let it be, let it be

Then die in despair!

If you think you care

Then take command

To proclaim and share

The Dhamma with everyone!

*{Dhamma means universal truths}

Smile From Justin Choo :-)

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