Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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Question: (unedited)
Hello justin my friend. I want to share two recent experiences with you that relate to my growth as a buddhist.

Recently I was meditating in a park near my home, enjoying a good session with good concentrattion. Suddenly my cell phone rang and I foolishly answered thinking it might be work. But it was a friend who started talking to me about some problem she was having. I became irritated at first because she had distrurbed my meditation, but then I realized: this situation is exactly why I meditate in the first place. To listen, be compassionate, and give selflessly.

Secondly, I recently made some bad financial desicions and became very sad and frustrated at my lack of money. But then I realized after a few hours of sadness, that if I had more money, new problems would creep up. There will always be something to dissatisfy me. I simply must accept this truth. My question is: Why does it take so long to realize these truths? It seems so simple and yet we get so caught up in not seeing how life really is!!

Anyway, just thought I would share my everyday experiences with you, take care my friend.

G. M.

My comment:
Hi G.M.,

Thanks for dropping by; especially when I'm having a dry run this period with no one asking me. You are constantly on my mind and I'm glad to hear from you again. That's what friends are for.

Your experience is what I would regard as being mindful at the right moment. It is a skill that you have now developed. Often times we are not mindful at the crucial moment and continue to make fools of ourselves. I am such a person.

Your second experience can be a lesson learnt; that is, not to repeat the mistake. As for having more money, it isn't that bad to have more than enough. We just have to be wise to spend them wisely and to do more charitable work.

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