Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where to place Buddha's image?

Question :(Unedited)

Hello my husband and I have just opened a restaurant and both of us observe the buddhism beliefs and we wanted to put a statue in the restaurant, however the only available place to put the statue is near the bathrooms, but not in them since I know this disrespectful..Is is disrespectful to place the statue near the bathroom?

My comment:
Hi C,

Thank you for asking me.

Congratulations on your new venture! May you prosper!

If you have a free mind, then you actually can place the image anywhere you like. However, with due respect to the holy image, we use our discretion to place it in a more respectable location. It also depends on where you are, I mean, which country you are in. In Buddhist countries, there are always certain allotted location for the image. This is purely tradition and complying to social norm. If you are not in those countries, then it is quite "safe" to place it in any respectable location without causing any offence to anyone. I don't think it is disrespectful to place it near the bathroom. If you are not in a Buddhist country, then you may want to place it in a discreet and yet commanding location, say around the cashier's corner.

But please be cautious if others have different views and opinions. There are a lot of ignorant and superstitious people around. Just ignore them.

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