Thursday, July 29, 2010

Too busy to feel at ease.

Question (Unedited)

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in work and the general busyness of life that I can't calm down and focus on the basic things.  Can you offer some general life advice on how to slow down and be a better person to others (who I feel like I forget about since I'm always so busy)

My comment:
Hi J,

We are all the same.  We know what is wrong with us, but seem not able to find the right answers!  The problem with us is this waiting for the ideal time to come; then we will do the "right thing".  The ideal (or right) time never comes.

It is easy to give advice, but to implement is another cup of tea, so to say.  It takes great discipline, commitment and wisdom to ACT.  You don't have to stop everything now.  What is important is to resolve that you want to slow down and the only way is to act on it, gradually.  It is also very difficult to be a "better person".  We all have our Big Egos and our negative roots of greed, hatred and delusion.  Until we honestly want to reduce these evil roots, we will never become better persons.  The first step is to acknowledge that what we are now is not good enough, and it is to our best advantage that we reduce our evil roots.  Again the commitment and discipline must be there.  If you can reflect on the above more often, you will find that you will want to change for the better; and then take steps to solve your problems, GRADUALLY.

By the way, I am still trying.

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