Friday, September 17, 2010

KISS : Keep It Short & Simple

Question : (Unedited)
No quesion.just wanted to update you and say thank you for your advice. Seemed odd to hear from someone who teaches to tell you to just let it all go for awhile, but thats exactly what i did and it seemed to help immensely.. I gave up the pressure i put on myself and all the meditation for the remainder of the year.. I'm back to my studies and meditating using patience along with knowing that its ok to be uncertain and not perfect as long as i include effort. .. In fact.. dropping the idea of what i had of, how i was suppose to be, has helped allot..
on my morning walk i only do 1 hour of walking meditation instead of 2.  in the first hour i allow myself and things around me to be just as it is in the moment..not wishing for change or clinging and then on my way back i practice walking meditation.. a third of the way back i try to keep my mind in the moment and avoid thoughts of the past or delusions of the future..  the 2nd third of the way i add to that no self talk, and the last third i add focus on my feet contacting the ground.. if you can add to or correct, please do.
again thanks for the advice
Happy New Year
Peace and Love
My comment:
Hi Fr...,
I am very happy for you that you are experiencing inner peace and mental happiness.  There is nothing that I ought to add except to continue practicing what has been giving you positive results.  Forget about high sounding terms and other esoteric methods that only hinder our spiritual progress.  They only make one, either feeling inadequate or bloating in one's ego.  The Buddha's teachings are actually very simple.  If we seek peace in ourselves, we need to do things that make us feel at ease and relaxed.  And that is precisely what you are doing now.
Have fun.
Smile from justinchoo :-)

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