Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Religion" has bad aspects?

Question : (Unedited)
Every religion in the world has good and bad aspects that make up it.  What aspects of Buddhism make it a good religion?  What attracts people to Buddhism?

What aspects do people make the religion out to be bad or misleading?  What aspects of Buddhism make other people weary or afraid of the religion? Thanks for your time!

– H...    

My comment: 
Hi H...,

Thanks for asking me.

Your question can only be answered very subjectively, and depending on which side one is with.  As a Buddhist I will point out the salient points of the Buddha's teachings.  However, others who don't subscribe to Buddhism may most probably disagree with me. It is actually a waste of time discussing when the other party is adamant to listen, to respect, to tolerate, others' views.

Your question "What aspects do people make the religion out to be bad or misleading?"
If a person does not agree or believe with that particular religion, one cannot expect that person to say good things about it.  To make matters worse, when that person has very little tolerance-level for others' beliefs, he will not only criticize but also try to prevent others from practising their beliefs.  In the worst scenario, this type of person will try to convert others to his belief, failing which he will try to eliminate them.  Such is the sad state of affairs in this world.

Buddhism is not interested to gain converts.  Buddhism is a “religion” of peace, respect, and non-violence.  It does not find faults with others.  What others chose to believe and practise is their freedom of choice.  The Buddha merely revealed the universal truths of this existence.  If the person agrees he can practise.  If he doesn't agree, then it's up to him.  Buddhism is like air.

I would say that the most salient point in Buddhism is the freedom to use one's human intelligence and common sense to practise.

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