Friday, January 21, 2011

Buddhists do not fight over dead bodies!

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this might be a little intruding but im doing an assignment on weather the dead of the past should be left alone by archelolgist i was wondering what the buddhist belive sould happen and the religious rituals for the past


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Hi Ja....,

Thank you for asking me.

There is this true story of a Buddhist man who died.  Then someone claimed that he was a Christian and should be given a Christian rite.  Along came the Muslims who also claimed that this man was actually a Muslim.  There was a furor between the Christian and the Muslim groups.  Someone quickly went to see a Buddhist monk to ask for advice.  The Monk said, "We Buddhists do not fight over dead bodies!"

The moral of the story is that when a person is dead, he IS dead and gone.  It is only important when the person is still living.  Of course, in reality the matter is not so simple because of human emotion for the dead; but this is not Buddhism.  In Buddhism, there is no taboo or superstition whether "to dig or not".

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