Monday, February 7, 2011

Holy string

Question : (Unedited)
i visited cambodia.  in a buddhist temple, a buddhist priest surprised me and
put a red yarn around my wrist.  someone said it was for luck. what does it
symbolize?  i am not sure what it is for but i was going to take it off because it
looks like the string they use for kabbala but wondering if it means something
special for buddhism.  

My comment: 
Hi M,

Traditionally, after chanting and blessing, the monk will tie a string (usually yellow or orange colour) on the wrist of the devotee, as an assurance for protection.  There is no harm in taking off the string. 

However since it signifies something "spiritual" or "holy" you should treat it with respect and avoid throwing it in the rubbish bin (trash bin).  You could put it in a flower pot.

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