Friday, May 6, 2011

What is sexual misconduct?

Question (Unedited):
Hello again Justinchoo,
Namo Buddhaya,

i would like to ask about the Buddhists' views on intimate relationship, well i meant by sex before marriage?

thank you so much.

My comment:

Hi Y,

The third precept states that one should undertake to refrain from committing sexual misconduct. This has no direct bearing on whether couple should be legally married. Marriage is actually a social/legal obligation when a couple becomes man and wife. Sexual misconduct means having sexual excesses with one and sundry without a thought for genuine relationship. This behaviour is just like animal sexual instinct. Sexual misconduct will bring potential problems like unwanted children, abortion, adultery, and death from AIDS! If a couple is genuine in love and cares for each other, I would say that whatever they do in privacy is not sexual misconduct. However, I would of the opinion that the couple should adhere to social norm and human dignity to get married if they want to live together.

The beauty of the Buddha's teachings is that you have the freedom to chose. The Buddha never issued commandments forcing anyone to follow his teachings. He advised his followers to be wise to conduct their lives in a harmless and dignified manner. So remember, we have to be wise to realize that freedom comes with responsibility.

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