Thursday, June 30, 2011

The cycle of existence

Question :(Unedited)
do buddhists believe in evolutionism or creationism ?.... im guessing evolutionism because the orgin of the world that buddha tought is that life evolved from simple to complex organisms over millions of years?

My comment:

Our present existence is but a cycle of "creation, evolution, and destruction".  In astronomy, scientists could observe this "phenomenon" of creation, evolution and destruction of planets and stars.  There is no beginning and end.  It is a perpetual cycle.  It has been like this in time immemorial and will be likewise forever, ad infinitum.

Within one cycle, there is the "creation" of world systems.  Life appears from other planes of existence and evolves.  The cycle will again go through the stages of "creation, evolution, dissolution, and destruction".

At this point in time, countless world systems go through the different phases of this cycle of existence.  Ask any astro scientist and he will confirm this truth.  The Buddha, with his mind power (omniscience) could see through all these phenomena.

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Unsolved Problems of Science said...

It is absolutely right that the life is one but, it change the body. It can be human body or animal or any other creature.

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