Sunday, September 11, 2011

Survey on 911 tragedy (Buddhist perspective)

This came via email:
Hi there Justin, and “Sawasdee Kha” as we say in my home country of Thailand (although I live in the USA now).

This is Srisuda Hongthai from The Buddha Garden and I wanted you to know that we are conducting a survey on Buddhism in the ten years since the 9/11 Tragedies. I don't know what impacts the 9/11 attacks had on your home country of Malaysia. But here in the USA, many people found solace in the teachings of Buddhism after 9/11. The survey is at:

Wouldn’t it be great to know why so many people become interested in Buddhism after the 9/11 attacks? Does Buddhism still play a role in their lives ten years after the attacks? How do the attitudes of new Buddhists differ from those who were Buddhists before 9/11?

No matter how long you have been interested in Buddhism, we encourage you to take this survey yourself. The fact that you DON'T live here in the USA is even better, since it will help to add diversity to the responses.

We also kindly ask that you will join other webmasters like you by telling your readers about the survey and encouraging them to take it as well. You would be doing a great service to the Dharma community.

Will you kindly let us know if you will be joining hundreds of like-minded bloggers and webmasters by linking to the survey, or mentioning it on FaceBook or Twitter?

Thank you, and Sawasdee Kha,

Srisuda Hongthai
The Buddha Garden


Bananazஇ said...

yuè yuányuán, rén tiántián。zhù nǐ yuè lái yuè yǒu qián。

yuè guāngguāng, rén shuāngshuāng。 zhù nǐ xīn qíng duō fàng kuān。

guì rén qí, xiǎo rén lí。zhù nǐ dà lì yòu dà jí。

zhù nǐ yú jiā rén, Zhōng qiūjié kuàilè。

Justin Choo said...

Aiyoh Bananaz (I know who you are). You know I am a banana, yet you choose to give me a hard time understanding.

I also wish you all that you wish for me. And "Zhōng qiūjié kuàilè".

Bananazஇ said...

Hard but not impossible! Once in a while gotta 'chi kek' the mind a bit. I was surprised Nikki could read without the pinyin she is also a banana. haha. With metta.

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