Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Will God forgive me?


Question :(Unedited)
Respected holy sir,
               Three years back, i was known that i had job given by god.I don't know what kind of job it is.But before three years when i was 13 years of old I was honest,free form carnal desires,the follower of eight fold path and always stand first in the class.But then after my true nature is corrupted.I feel i could die.I feel very uncomfortable.
                   I like to change to that mode before three years.I could not concentrate.I took low marks.I have wasted three years wandering here and there(that is a very long time).Will god forgive me?

My comment:
Hi S R,

First, I am no "Holy Sir".  I am just an ordinary person.  If you are familiar with Buddhism, Buddhists do not subscribe to the existence of a powerful creator God.  I am sorry not being able to provide you satisfactory answer or advice to your "problem".  But I shall try to say a few words.  I assume that you are now 16 years old.  Go and have fun with your friends and study hard.  Do what you enjoy and be positive.  Life is about growing up.  Give yourself time and all will be well.  You don't need anyone or any "power" to forgive you.  If you think you have done wrong then correct yourself.  You have all the power to take control of your life.

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