Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Being honest is not necessarily arrogant


Question : (Unedited)

I follow a spiritual path and include a lot of buddhism into it. One of the buddhist parts is humbleness. I try to not be arrogant and to be humble. The thing is that i am unemployed.  When not having a job i have to "market myself", which basicly entails to brag about my positive sides. To have to market myself like a product does not feel very humble. How do i solve this? I want to practice being humble but every day i have to write job applications, and i am supposed to exaggerate my good sides and really, really advertise myself. This does not feel like a humble thing to do at all.

Do you have any suggestions on what to do?

My comment:
Hi D,

Thank you for asking me.

Being humble means not to act arrogantly.  When you write about your positive attributes, you are telling the truth.  That is not being arrogant.  Please continue to project your positive attributes, and by all means market your talents.  Please remember, this is not arrogance.  This is wise marketing.  If you don't project your salient talents, you are only short-changing yourself!

I wish you success in your job search. 


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