Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Right Livelihood

Question : (Unedited)
Dear Sir

This is personal question if you can please answer.

I am Buddhist and trying follow damma and practice damma.
I got a job as a sales assistant in a shop where I have to sell alcohol,beer,wine and
Cigarettes. I feel guilty about this as I have heard about the right livelihood.
Again I think its OK because I just work there as an employee.

I really appreciate if you can help me to take a decision about the job.

Bless of Triple Jem.

My comment:

Hi J,

In the Buddha's discourse of the Noble Eightfold Path, right livelihood means abstaining from a livelihood that brings harm to other beings, such as trading in arms, in poison, in intoxicants, in slaughtering of animals (and other living beings), and activities exploiting human beings such as slavery and prostitution. In general, the Buddha advised us not to indulge in trades and activities which involve directly or indirectly, the breaking of the five moral precepts. Unwholesome livelihood also includes corruption, extortion and gambling. These types of livelihood usually can amass a lot of money but at a very high cost to life and human suffering.

You can also ask three simple questions, to assist you in making wholesome decisions:
1. Is the action harmful to you?
2. Is the action harmful to others?
3. Is the action beneficial to both you and others?

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