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Gay and Buddhism


Question : (Unedited)

HI, I am gay and a nicherin Buddhist and have been having a great deal of trouble as late.I am being harassed at work and everywhere i go with heterosexual sexual literature. in my e-mail at work wtih people looking at hetero videos and one particular member of the group who thinks that i should change my sexual orientation. This sucks. Genetics! thats why i am born gay.This person keeps telling me that my guides say that you are suppossed to be straight. If anyone would want to have an unhappy life i think that to try to harras someone into changing their sexual orientation is foolish and this crazy. I want to give up this practice just because of this. This is the same thing that i always experinced throught out societies. Gay are considered second class people . So the Buddhist are just a prejudiced as the nonbuddist or is it just this sect.

My comment:

Hi A,

Thank you for asking me. This subject is a very controversial and sensitive one. My comment will also surely be treated as such. In the final analysis, one must use one's common sense and human intelligence to think, analyze, and decide for oneself. Throughout history, societies have always wanted to play "God" and impose "moral" judgement on others who do not "behave" like them; not that their moral codes are necessarily correct. The Buddha did not introduce any "new" or "special" moral standard for his followers, but advised them to think and analyze by using their human intelligence and just plain common sense. We do not have to depend on any "super power" or anyone for that matter to teach us what is generally right or wrong; for example; stealing, killing, and telling lies. Likewise we don't have to succumb to others' opinions about our own private lives. There are actually only three simple rules which we need to consider for everything:
1. Is the action harmful to oneself?
2. Is the action harmful to others?
3. Is the action beneficial?

The Buddhist perspective of life is that this "being" consists of the physical body and the mind. The existence of this being is the results of the energy of the mind taking existence in this physical body. The nature of life-form that this mind energy affixes to, will depend on the nature of the accumulated "kammic" store-house which the being had generated throughout its numerous life existences. If the kammic storehouse has a greater portion of evil and unwholesome kammic energy, this mental energy will seek a rebirth in the appropriate existence such that the evil and unwholesome energies will actualize in that life, causing agony and suffering for the being. In this sense, you can consider that evil mental energies will seek out conditions that favour such existence (and vise versa). This also applies to one's sexual orientation. Although genes play a great part in one's character, the mind if properly trained will be able to counter the bad effects of bad genes. As for your case, a properly trained mind with clear understanding will be able to counter the adverse effects of "differing" sexual orientation. In my personal layman opinion, your condition is purely sexual and physical. Let not this "differing" condition affect your mind as well. Our mind is very powerful. But just like fire, it works both ways. Practise the pristine teachings of the Buddha. As for those people in your group, they are mere mortals like you and me. We all have our prejudices due to our mental "blindness" which we are unable to see the real picture of life and existence. You have a choice whether or not to continue to associate with such people.
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