Thursday, December 11, 2008

Accepting the inevitable.

Question: (unedited)
I am currently working through some very strong feelings as I care for a close family member who has terminal cancer. I have been meditating to help her and to keep me strong too. My question is, almost as soon as I leave the refuge and quiet of my meditation, feelings of anxiety, anger and failure return and I quickly feel like I'm back at square one! Is there anything I can do to make the feeling of peace and strength last just a little longer? Thanks.

My comment:

Thank you for asking me. Even if you can make it "last just a little bit longer", you still will be back to square one; isn't it? This is the time when we have to face this Dukkha which the Buddha had pointed out to us. There is no way we can by-pass this Dukkha. The "solution" lies in our realization of this Truth of Dukkha, and to forebear and come to terms with this Reality of life.

This is the time when we must reflect on the truth and reality of this life. Such is the ugliness of this world and this life. This IS the TRUTH, the Dhamma which the Buddha preached. When we come to terms with the world, we will experience peace..inner peace; as there is nothing much that we can change or fight this world and this life.

Peace only comes by following and accepting the realities of existence. Have peace by accepting that which we have no control.


Barry said...

Great post, Justin!

Life never quite goes the way we want it to go.

So where does this "want" come from? What is it that is not satisfied with the world as it is?

We all struggle with these questions, I know. It's humbling work, but it's the only work I know that can truly allow us to care for others and ourselves.

Justin Choo said...

Thanks Barry for your visit and comment.

I am unable to do so in your blog simply because your posts are too subtle for my understanding. To comment on something I can't grasp will reveal my inadequacies!!

kithmean said...

this is what i am finding because i like calming my mind.

Barry said...

Hi Justin,
Haha! My inadequate posts - sometimes I'm so embarrassed! - would benefit from your clear commentary. Or even just a friendly "hi!"

Your friend in the Dharma,

Justin Choo said...


Ok I'll try

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