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Why Buddhists Are Evil?

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Question: (unedited) (questioner is a Chinese)

Mr. Justin Choo,

Why two person who affect my life were Buddhist? I work for an international company for 26 years and was out-source to a company that the MD was a "Buddhist" and he made me lost my job.

The second one was my daughter's father in law who is a MD of a company also, it was just a family problem between him and my son in law, so my son in law and my daughter left the house, they are already age over 24. But it end up this "Buddish" MD threatened to kill them and my family just because he suspect I am the one who support them to leave the house. It was a police case but my daughter and son in law have to stay out-stations. It was not just threatening because this MD did attack someone before!

I " " the word Buddhist because although I am not Buddhist I do follow the Buddhism teaching and this is not what Buddhism teaching should be.
But what you said about the two cases? They both are MD and they always tell people that they practice Buddhism".

The first case not only I lost my job but there were all 50 over staff who out-source lost their jobs. And we have evidence that he cheated us and a court case is still on going.

Why are they both also Buddhist? Why they are still wealthy, rich and no punishment?

Best Regards, G..........

My comment:

Hi Mr G........,
Thank you for asking me.

First, I will assume that what you wrote is the truth. I have no reason to doubt your words.

We give labels to ourselves in order to differentiate one another. In terms of religion, we label ourselves as Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Non Believers. How many of us really practise the true teachings of our religious founders? For the few who really practise the true teachings also make mistakes at times. I nearly lost a deal today because I got upset at my "difficult" client. Because of a brief unmindfulness on my part I had made a blunder and a fool of myself. I cannot undo what I had said and I have to learn this bitter lesson and not repeat the mistake in future. But is there any guarantee that I will not make the same mistake again? No.
(Post-script: I have since retired.)

This is the tragedy of life. This is so because we are only "humans".
We have to see the "humanness" in people, not what they call themselves. They may be Buddhists as labels only. To aggravate matter, most Chinese are only Buddhists in name and most do not actually know the teachings of the Budhha. It is only traditionally accepted label to regard themselves as "Buddhists" if they are not Christians. Even if they are true Buddhists, they are not perfect because they are mere mortals.

Those who make effort to follow the teachings of the Buddha can be regarded as true Buddhists. Those who do not follow the teachings of the Buddha are simply NOT Buddhists. As good Buddhists, we make effort to reduce our defilements such as greed, hatred and foolishness. We make effort to live a harmless, noble, and dignified life.
The true nature of this world is that it is not perfect and so are its inhabitants. We will meet with nasty people who give us agony and sleepless nights. The art of living is to understand this imperfection in life and to take steps to reduce the incidence of such problems.

If we take heed of the Buddha's teachings, we will have to continue to lead a harmless life. We have to reduce the negative, selfish and hateful tendencies; and to replace them with positive, generous and compassionate tendencies. It is the universal law of reaction, that positive and wholesome actions will bring about positive and wholesome results eventually.

Please do not assume that they will not be punished. In fact punishment comes abruptly once they create sufferings for others. Their minds will be tortured with guilt and fear. They will spend sleepless nights trying to rationalize and substantiate their evil actions, even though deep down in their hearts, their conscience pricks them. They will not be happy and they will live in fear.
The day has not ended yet. How can we be sure that they will continue to be rich and wealthy? Even if they remain so, do you think they can live a happy and peaceful life?

Be rest assured. The universal law of kamma will take effect sooner or later. There is NO escape. Knowing that, we must lead a harmless life. Then we can live in peace. For peace is internal in our mind. No one can steal the peace from us, although they can give us problems. So long as we understand the law of retribution, let this law take its course. We can continue living our lives without aggravating the problems which these people had caused us.

Hope my comments help.

Please come back if you need further clarifications.


Barry said...

Thank you for your fine answer to this interesting question, Justin.

Calling oneself a "Buddhist" doesn't mean much, of course.

And even if we practice with sincerity, we nonetheless start from where we are in our lives - desirous, angry, and ignorant. This is the human condition and all Buddhists must begin at that place.

Justin Choo said...

Thanks for your visit and comment, Barry.

Avatar said...

A good answer, Justin.

Just want to add my opinion on this. At this age, there are many who profess to be religious. Unfortunately, there are many who worship capitalism and money as their gods, rather than religion. Judge people by their actions and not their words.

Justin Choo said...

Thanks for visiting and comment.

Sometimes you can even judge a person by his financial status in life, and the car he is driving.

A friend of mine is successful and financially sound. But he still drives his old Volvo!

I drive an old red "taxi" proton saga. But my reason is genuine that I cannot afford any other!!

A true Malaysian said...

Very good answer indeed. To me, whether one called himself or herself a Buddhist, Christian, Muslim or whatever is not significant to me at all. One's deed during his or her lifetime is the most important.

That for example, in a mortuary where corpses are being kept there, can we identify which corpse(s) is / are Buddhist, Muslim, Christian or whatever when he or she is alive? A mat salleh corpse may not be a Christian during its lifetime.

Human's perception is a very delicate art. A man who drive a Mercedez may not be richer than someone without even an old Volvo like Justin's friend. Yet people tend to perceive the man with Mercedez is richer. But again, a man without even an old Volvo may not be financially sound either.

At the end of the day, one's deed or legacy is still what matter. I believe my friend, Justin, is such kind of person, doesn't matter whether he is rich or poor. Red taxi proton saga is not a genuine reason to me, Justin.

Justin Choo said...

A True Malaysian,

Honestly I would like to drive a Toyota Camre.

Somehow from bad experiences, I try to avoid European cars.

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