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Why this, why that?

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My questions are less about the technical aspects of Buddhism and more about your personal beliefs on evil and God from your relgious poin of view. If you feel like you can not answer these questions please email me back. Thank You for your help.

1. Why is there evil in the world?
2. Why is there so much horrible in the world? Wouldn't just a little evil provide humans with the opportunity to grow and learn?
3. Why would an all-powerful, all loving God allow evil in the world?
4. Do you believe in an intervening God? If so, why does this Divine not intervene when there is a great injustice? (holocaust, baby dying, genetic diseases) Then why does he intervene in trivial affairs? (ex. good grade on a test) Does this seem a little capricious? If you do not believe that God is intervening why not?
5. Do you believe in the fall of human kind by the disobedience of Adam and Eve? If so is it fair that there is such suffering in the world due to Adam and eve disobeying God by eating an apple? If you dont believe this was the fall og human kind, do you believe we had one and if so what was it? If not why not?
6. Why do such bad things happen to good people and good things happen to such bad people?
7. What is your personal religious belief?
8. What is your profession?

My comments:
Thank you for asking me. Since you put your "subject" as "School Paper", I will assume that this is more of an academic exercise. But I think it is not.

If you understand the teachings of the Buddha, all your questions would have been answered "en masse". If you are a committed Christian you will have a lot of bones to pick with me after reading my answers. But since you ask in this "Buddhist" site, you will be given the Buddhist answers.

Ans for qn 1:
Because it is "THE WORLD". Just like asking why are there so many sick patients in the hospital....Bec it is a hospital. It is the nature of this world, which is not perfect and subject to perpetual change.

Ans for qn 2:
Just like in a hospital, some patients will be cured while others will perish.

Ans for qn 3:
Simply because there is NO SUCH GOD!

Ans for qn 4:
It is indeed capricious!

Ans for qn 5:
As I said in the beginning, if you know Buddhism, you will have all the answers. Why apple, why not banana? I have no problem trying to rationalize things which are not consistent and not logical. No one forces us to believe (at least in this day and age) things that we DO NOT WISH TO BELIEF. I don't believe, so I don't have any problem with illogical and inconsistent conjectures.
There is no "fall" or "rise" of human kind. It is what you have been led to believe. There is this world's theatrical high drama of life's follies because of the SHEER IGNORANCE of the human kind as to why they are here and where they are heading.

Ans for qn 6:
Following my comment on question 5, what you are observing now is just a small paragraph from the book of life. It is just a very small scene in the whole scenario of life's drama. The present act of this high drama is a continuation of the past chapters of life; while the further chapters are yet to come. The whole drama has yet to end, if ever it will.

William Shakespeare wrote:
"All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages." --From As You Like It (II, vii, 139-143)

The Buddha pointed out the beginningless of life and the endlessness of existence; overwhelmed by our ignorance. This life is just a little scene in the ever endless drama of human follies.

Ans for qn.7:
"Religion" is a "dirty" word. I follow the universal teachings of the Buddha.

Ans for qn 8:
I have gone through almost life's full cycle. What more do I want to do?


A true Malaysian said...


To me, this guy is 'confused' after having faith for 'God' for so long. He should ask the same questions to a pastor or someone knowledgeable in Christianity.

Or perhaps he was asking the same questions to the Christian expert before asking you?

PM said...

Scientist can creat human through stem , can they be called god the creator. The church has had strongly opposed this idea.

Another, in my reading I read that human gene are not found on the surface of this planet Earth, perhaps Dr Hsu can answer this.

To me Adam and Eve are all fairy tales. If you care to look at the writings or drawings of the time of Sumerian text you will find drawings of mans creation.

True Malaysian

I do not think a pastor can answer the question on god. He merely quotes from the bible. As for ordained priest they are under oath no to translate the bible.

On this when those ppl from the Seven Days Adventist came to my house, they cannot answer my questions. Later I requested for an open debate in their church, which they turned me down.

PM said...

I mean stem cells

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