Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reason for the week's silence

Back after a hectic week
Hi everyone,

I've been very busy moving house.

Now a bit settled, but still unable to reconnect my internet access. So I am now using for the first time the internet in an internet cafe in my new place.

Just to say hello and wish everyone good health and happiness.

I am not "at home" without my own PC , so better to sign off now.


Barry said...

Hi Justin,
I hope you soon find yourself fully at home!


Justin said...


I shall feel fully at home only when I can get my internet connected. Next week shall lodge a complain with the phone company for the delay.

I am still using the net in the internet cafe.

Thanks for visiting.


Robin said...

Hello Old Friend, I hope you are well and settled in your new home. We are also settling down in Idaho. Things are status quo, I hope it is better but it's not. I have been good for almost 2 years now, and I know i will be good forever because I have learnt my lesson. Unfortunately, my luck has run. Only Buddha has kept me strong to hang on to the last straw. Could you please write to C to soften her heart to forgive me?

Justin Choo said...

Hi Robin,

I am most surprised that you chose to comment here instead of emailing me.

Both of you are always in my heart and mind. Unfortunately there is nothing extra that I can do to help; except to continue communicating so long as you wish to.

I hope your resilience will reap good results in due course. I shall email her again.

Take care.

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