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Question : (Unedited)
Hello, I am about to convert to Buddhism. What do I need to practice my religion. I live in a very small town and the nearest big city is about 3 hours away and i dont have a car. So what would i need to get? Thank you very much.

My comment:
Hi Z,

I wonder whether you are the same Z who was here before? Just the same, welcome to the path of inner peace and happiness. It is going to be a very long journey but a pleasant one. I don't know how much you have learnt about Buddhism to have influenced you to become a Buddhist.

Changing one's religion is a very serious matter because it may most probably affect people close to oneself. Changing one's religion inadvertently involves some external changes which others will take notice and may feel threatened or offended. We must tread this sensitive path with great caution and sensitivity.

The Buddha taught universal truths which have no boundaries and which transcend space, time, belief, and race. Truth IS truth. We still can practise universal values based on universal truths without outwardly changing our religion. We can practise Buddhism in our heart. It is the practice that is important, not the external physical exhibition.

You can continue to study Buddhism and practise the Buddha's teachings. In this way, you build up your SPIRITUAL awareness and maturity. You can practise Buddhism just like any Buddhist; by keeping the 5 precepts, and paying homage to the Buddha and taking refuge in the Buddha, his teachings, and his holy order of monks.

You have not given me sufficient info to guide you further. May I suggest that you spend some time surfing through the web sites below which would give you all the info you need. Please come back if you need further clarifications, but please be specific with your questions.
"What Buddhist Believe" by Ven. K Sri Dhammananda. This book explains the Buddhist perspective on life's general questions.

There is this site in Western Australia where Ajahn Brahmawamso resides. He is an English monk and is a very popular speaker. You can listen to his talk through this site:
If you need further clarifications, please come back.
Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery, the first monastery in the United States to be established by followers of Ajahn Chah, was founded in 1996 in the mountainous forests north of Ukiah, California. : the "mother" of all buddhist sites

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