Saturday, January 16, 2010

How do I choose a religion?

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My question im looking to build a better base within my self but don't know which religion would be the best for me.My question is how did you come to the point that you knew Buddishm was and is for you?

Hi T,

Thank you for asking me.

Most people are born with a religion of their parents. I was born as a Buddhist, but that didn't mean a thing. Most people take for granted or simply regard it as just a label. While others are brainwashed to be fanatics or simply subservient fools.

I had the freedom to seek truth and knowledge without any inhibition. My country has substantial population practising the world's major religions, and it is very easy for me to compare them. However it all depends on the individual's inclination to religion. Most people are not really interested. For me, I have always been very interested to know about religions, and Buddhism in particular. So I did indepth studies of Buddhism and attended numerous talks by learned monks and lay Buddhists.

I knew Buddhism was for me because it answered all the "mysteries" of life. The answers were logical and there was no contradiction in all the answers, unlike other religions. The most salient point in Buddhism is the freedom given to its followers to analyze its teachings and to accept only when they agree. This is real freedom from fear, from dogmas, and from coercion.

As for you, the choice is yours. But first you must really open your mind to study the religions of your interest and then use your common sense and human intelligence to analyze them and then decide. Don't allow the authors to influence you. Study and analyze their teachings

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