Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Buddha is simply THE Buddha

Question (Unedited)
dear justinchoo,
    My apology for bothering you again,as you have mention that the buddha do not believe in a creator
God,does that mean he is a evolutionist?

Hi P..,

You are not bothering me.  I enjoy answering your questions.  
You can say that the Buddha was an evolutionist because he revealed that not only our lives evolved but also the whole vast universe.  Before we try to label who the Buddha was, we must first understand that (as I said before) the Buddha is THE Buddha.  The correct description of the Buddha is he was the All-knowing One, the Fully Enlightened One, who knew what needed to be known, and had done what needed to be done.  He was also Omniscient in that he possessed supernatural powers.  He was also the Teacher of gods and men.  

On one occasion, someone saw the vibrant body of the Buddha and asked him whether he was God.  The Buddha replied in the negative.  Then he was asked that he must be an ordinary being.  He again replied negatively.  "Then who are you?" the man asked.  The Buddha replied, "I am the Buddha."

Coming back to your label "evolutionist", the Buddha revealed that everything in existence was subject to change and impermanence.  Everything evolved; formation, evolution, dissolution, and destruction. Then the cycle starts all over again.  Take the example of living beings.  We can clearly see this cycle.  Scientists have also discovered that somewhere at any point in time planets are being formed, evolved, dissolved and destroyed.  The whole universe is ever changing, evolving, in perpetual cycles in clockwork precision.  If a person is wise enough to realize this truth of impermanence, then he will take steps to reduce his greed, hatred and delusion.  He is just a very insignificant and minute speck existing only for the duration of a blink of the eye in this vast universe with infinite time and space.  His ego is not worth a grain of salt.  Then he will know how to live in peace with himself and with others.

Smile from justinchoo :-)

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