Sunday, November 21, 2010

You have the freedom to choose.

Question: (Unedited)
I have acually talked to you about buddhism before. Last year some time. You helped me become a buddhist. But since then i have discarded buddhism. This is something up until now i have regreted. I would like to become a buddhist again. And id like you to teach me every thing you can about my new slate of becoming a buddhist and learning the ways all again.

My comment:
Hi again A....,

Well, you can become a Buddhist again, anytime!  Actually "Buddhist" is just a "religious label".  It doesn't mean a thing!  So, you had been a "Buddhist" and then decided not to be.  Now you have decided to be one again!  As far as the whole world is concerned, the sun still rises and sets, seasons change, and life goes on.  You see, this is the beauty of Buddhism.  The only person relevant is you, yourself.  You decide, you have the freedom to think and choose.  And that was precisely what you have gone through.  You have actually learned a lot of Buddhism in this process.  You now know what is truth and beneficial; and what is not.  That's why you are here again.  Congratulations!

I dare not teach you everything about Buddhism because I myself do not know everything about Buddhism.  You are welcome to ask any question at anytime and I shall be very happy to share my thoughts with you.   Here is one:

The fool is always blind
That's why the Buddha is the All-seeing One
When we SEE with our mind,
This world perfection is none.

The Buddha can only teach
We have to play our part
To put into practice
And feel real peace in our hearts.

The Buddha's teachings are like air
The universal truths
For each and everyone to share
They are free and everywhere.

For those who choose not to breathe
The Buddha's air
Let it be, let it be
Then die in despair!

If you think you care
Then take command
To proclaim and share
The Dhamma with everyone!

Smile From Justinchoo :-)

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