Friday, December 17, 2010

Why Westerners are attracted to Buddhism

Question : (Unedited)
Hey Justin,

Why do you think Westerners are attracted to Buddhism?  Thanks for your time! - J.....
My comment:
Hi J,

Well, I can share my thoughts with you and they are as follows:

1. Buddhism is a totally new concept to the Westerners.  Its teachings give a new perspective of "religion".  Westerners are indoctrinated with the concept of the Creator God, the all powerful. Buddhism gives them an option to think otherwise.

2. Buddhism encourages free thinking and analysis of human existence.  It encourages intellectual thinking.  

3. Buddhism sets humans free to take charge of their lives without fear of any powerful third party intervention.  It gives full control of the person to conduct his life without fear of punishment or desire for reward by an external agent.  It tells the person that his actions, thoughts, and speech are his own volitions.  

4.  Buddhism provides alternative answers to questions about the world and existence.  It gives them answers as to the nature of this world, its incessant violent interactions, why people suffer, while others are more fortunate than others, why some die young, why some live to a ripe old age.  In a nutshell, it provides alternative answers to why we are here, why we are subject to numerous problems just to survive.

5. Buddhism gives them freedom to practice its teachings without threat of hellfire nor promise of eternal heaven.  It is up to the person to practise at the level that suits him.

6.  Buddhism emphasizes goodwill and non-violence, and respect for lives, not just human lives but all lives in the universe.  With respect and goodwill, there is no place for violence.

7. Buddhism is about universal truths which transcend cultures, traditions, geographical boundaries, time, and space.  Universal truths are not based on dogmas and beliefs.  They are based on universal truths which scientists are beginning to realize that much of their findings concur with Buddhist teachings.

8.  Buddhism offers something that Western religions cannot, and that is, harnessing the power of the mind, through Buddhist meditation.

I think this is enough.

Smile from justinchoo :-)

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Charm Girl said...

Buddhism is for wise people. Whoever seeking the truth or reality of the nature, will eventually come to the path which has clearly described by the Lord Buddha.

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