Sunday, February 12, 2012

Freedom to decide

Question : (Unedited)
Im only 12 years old but i firmly believe that buddhism is the religion i have been looking for. I have confidence that the four noble truths will lead me through my life in happines. I told my parents the great news that i had become a buddhist. There reply was,"When you are 18 you may switch to whichever religion you like, but for now you are a christian." Should i stay a christian and wait for the age of 18 or follow my beliefs and freedom of religion and be a buddhist anyway?

My comment:
Hi M,

Welcome to the path of inner peace and happiness.  You are a very special person to be interested in Buddhism despite your young age.  You are also very lucky to have parents who will give you the freedom of choice come 18 years old.  You should respect your parents' feelings and advice.  That doesn't mean that you cannot practise Buddhism now.  As you know the Buddha's teachings are very practical.  Just follow his teachings to be good, avoid evil and be always mindful of these two values; you will be in the right path.  I am sure your parents will agree with these universal principles.  As far as your mind is concerned you are a Buddhist.  No one can take away your mental decision.  When you turn 18 you are free to declare to the world that you are now "officially" a Buddhist, and with the "blessings" of your parents.  Who knows, your parents may be impressed by your Buddhist virtues that they may want to know what is it in Buddhism that their intelligent son can be so devoted to.  

Best wishes to you.

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