Thursday, November 29, 2012

Celebrating Christmas


Question : (Unedited)
Hi I like the Theravada tradition, I think I am a buddhist because I feel it in my heart all THE Buddha´s teachings, but I want to know Can we practice Xmas in a different Way?but How?

My comment:
Hi E, As you know Buddhism is about practising wholesome and harmless lifestyle; to experience contentment and inner peace. If you want to celebrate Xmas, then by all means do so. You don't have to invent new ways of celebrating, unless you want to. Only three things you need to consider: 1. Will the action harm you? 2. Will the action harm others? 3. Is the action beneficial? As Buddhists, we use our common sense and human intelligence to practise universal truths...the pristine teachings of the Buddha.


Follow-up question: (Unedited)
Thank you and Happy Xmas too. I dont like materialism (gifts)only a moment of PEACE with the family I think is the best way to celebrate it! Its funny all my family are Catholic but Im a proud Buddhist any other question I will let you now soon!

My comment:
Hi E,
Christmas is meant to be spent with family members, and friends. It is never meant for shopping frenzy and craving for presents. It is a time to show that you care for the ones you love and also to give joy to others. It is never meant for having wild parties and become crazily intoxicated. I remember when I was a student in New Zealand a long time ago, a very kind family always invited me to their Christmas dinner get-together. And I always remember the words of my host that it was a pleasure to invite me to be with them to let me feel at home. This was the joy that they shared with me during Christmas. We didn't talk about religion; they only need to show their genuine care for people.

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