Sunday, March 31, 2013

How could our effort be continued in our future lives


Question :(Unedited)
If a being in this existence spends their whole life trying to reach enlightenment but die before it is attained then would their lifetimes work be for nothing as they will not remember all they have learned in their new life?

My comment:

Hi C,

Within us there is this store-house of consciousness which stores all the data that we had accumulated since time immemorial. These data comprise the sum of all our past kamma, both good and bad. It is said that we are what we were, and we will be what we are. It is this store-house of consciousness that direct the life force. We may not remember our past lives and past experiences, but our store-house has all the data waiting to actualize when appropriate conditions surface. What a person achieves now is not the complete effort of this life alone, but the contributions of past lives as well. Likewise the achievements of his next life will be dependent on this present life.

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