Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Future Buddha

Question Unedited):
 I have just read the story of Ram Bahadur Bomjon, the boy who apprently appears to be the future buddha, i was just wondering what is the geneneral feeling in the buddhist community toward these claims that he is the new buddha

My comment:
Hi C,

If you asked a million Buddhists, you'll get a million different answers!! Here is one of the million answers. In the final analysis, we just have to heed the Buddha's advice to use our common sense and human intelligence to think for ourselves. In the Buddhist scriptures, the Buddha had revealed that the NEXT future Buddha will appear just before this present world system disintegrates, which will be a very very long time to come if you care to read any book on space and astronomy. The future Buddha's name will be Maitreya (Sanskrit) or Metteyya (Pâli). He will appear after the present Buddha's dispensation had long disappeared and forgotten. Based on this information, it is up to you to form your own conclusion. This is the beauty of the Buddha's teachings; use your own common sense and human intelligence.

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