Saturday, July 5, 2008

Buddha Images

Question: (unedited)
who/what is the buddah statue resembled after?

My comment:
You have unwittingly correctly phrased the question, by adding the "what". The image of the Buddha is the embodiment of all his supreme and compassionate qualities of a super human who had successfully cultivated the mind to its purest possible state. There is no other image in the world that has been so widely and diversely moulded, literally. The image of the Buddha comes in all shapes and sizes, we can humanly imagined. Its material base ranges from the humblest worthless clay to the priceless and exquisite gemstones. Its form, ranges from crude primitive shape to skilfully crafted piece of art. Its size ranges from the minutest to huge giant struture carved out of steep cliff and high mountain.

The traditional Buddha images are the physical embodiments of the historical Buddha--Gotama Buddha. The Buddha images always show the serene and compassionate facial expression of the Buddha. The different hand gestures convey different messages of protection, preaching, fearlessness, blessing, and meditation.

Buddhists revered the Buddha images as a form of respect for their teacher. The Buddha image provides a medium for contemplation of the Buddha's supreme qualities. It is a reminder to the Buddhists to follow his teachings with confidence. The Buddha assured us that when we practise his teachings and advice, the teachings will protect us. What are actually his teachings? They are universal truths which transcend cultures, nationalities, beliefs, space and time. Also, when we see and practise his teachings, we see the Buddha.

The Budhha image symbolizes peace, compassion and perfect wisdom in the understanding of the true nature of life and the universe. Buddhists do not pray to the Buddha images for favour and protection. Buddhists pay respect to the Buddha images, as others would, their teachers and leaders who are worthy of respect.

There are, however, available in the market, so to say, "mystical and ancient 'Buddha' images" which are supposed to possess "supernatural powers". These are generally called "magical amulets" which are definitely NOT Buddha images.

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