Monday, July 28, 2008

Euthanasia, Stem-Cells and Life


I'm currently taking part in a project investigating assorted belifs on euthanasia, stem-cell reasearch, importance of life, and other related topics, and I realised that I don't really know much by ways of Buddhist belief on the matter. What is/are major Buddhist view(s) on euthanasia, as well as other similar ethical subjects?

My comment:

I must first comment on the Buddhist perspective of the type of "religion" that the Buddha introduced. Once this is done, your questions will all be considered answered.

The Buddha encouraged his followers to analyze his teachings before accepting them. He advised them not to accept anything in blind faith. Only if it is wholesome and good, for the benefit of all, and conducive to the spiritual welfare of all, do we accept and follow. Buddhists are always reminded that before accepting any instruction, they must carefully observe and analyze, by using their human intelligence and common sense.

From the above premise, you can agree that Buddhists are encouraged to think for themselves. We are not slaves to our religion. We are masters of our religion. Buddhism can withstand the "progress" of new scientific discoveries because Buddhist teachings are based on Universal Truths which transcend race, nationality, culture, and time and space. In fact Budhhism is more scientific than science itself. The Buddha had revealed much more scientific information than modern science has ever achieved. In the area of the mind and consciousness, and psychology, Buddhism stands aloft.

The Buddha in his quest to find the Ultimate Truths, had penetrated into the tiniest particle of life and human consciousness; and on the other end of the spectrum , he had surveyed the infinity of the Universe. He did not use a microscope and a telescope to make his discoveries. He used his superme mind power to penetrate into these hidden truths. Microscope and telescope have physical limitations, while our human senses also have gross limitations preventing us to see into the beyond. The Buddha did not depend on his five senses or any scientific instrument to penetrate the Ultimate Truths. It is only the human mind when properly harnessed and trained, that has the ability to understand and realize these Ultimate and Universal Truths.

Buddhism encourages scientific research for the benefit of all living beings. However, we have to consider 2 very important aspects of all scientific endeavours. The first is purely worldly and intellectual. The second which is more important, is the SPIRITUAL or MORAL (not religious) aspect. Without this MORAL restraint or obligation, scientists can become human monsters. It is this latter consideration that Buddhism places caution in the development of new scientific achievements.

Buddhism does not subscribe to euthanasia because it involves deliberate termination of life. (If you wish to know the rationale of this Buddhist thinking, please follow up in your next question.)

To conclude, may I quote a passage from a book written by one of my Buddhist teachers: "The Buddha upheld the highest degree of freedom not only in its human essence but also in its divine qualities. It is a freedom that does not deprive human beings of their dignity. It is a freedom that releases one from slavery to dogmas and dictatorial religious laws or religious punishments."

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monsterball said...

I give you one comment....that's all...and walk away.
Firstly Buddhism is so good..don't do bad..and control your...wild..greedy and lustful mind.
Buddhism is not a religion.
It is a way of life...and everyone is a Buddhists...if he/she can see truths and love to be kind hearted .
Life is not so simple..
Life is what you make yourself so.
Yes....modern science have progress to the extend..can even create life..not like the way ..we before. will expose..there is no such thing as a creator or one that....we must always almighty...a GOD.
The almighty is your mind. You are in don't let the mind control you.
All your other not interest to discuss a religion..we must ask ourselves...are we knowledgeable enough? Do we really know..what is a religion?
Since...I am a simple man....I prefer to keep silent....and only speak out..if one trying to belittle another religion...or some fanatics...belittling political blogs.
But this seems to be under control by blog owners.
May you be well and good.

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