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Choices in life

Question: (Unedited)
Dear Justinchoo,

I have a question regarding choices we have in life. I've been wondering about the consistency of a Partner's life.

Coming from a Latin culture, people believe that you are only happy when you build a family including Partner and Children

I'm 33 yo, I've been Married twice and I'm in a stage that I do not believe and support anymore the idea that: To be happy, people have to build a Family and have Children.

Knowing that you're a Buddhist I would appreciate to have you comments on this above statement and what do you think about " Freedom of having a choice in Life "

Looking forward for your reply.

Kindly Regards


My comment:
Hi J,

Thank you for asking me.

Actually life is all about choices. The freedom to chose is the greatest gift a person can experience. In Buddhism, this freedom is freely given and even encouraged. The Buddha encouraged his followers to use their freedom to analyze his teachings and only accept if they are beneficial to them.

In all societies, the family unit is the most important core of all social institutions. Without the family units, a society has little chance to survive for long. You have made the choice to have a family relationship, in fact you have twice made the decision. With the decision, comes responsibilities. The present situation is not about "being happy" but being responsible for those who are depending on you to provide a decent life-style. You have to consider all angles, especially the children. This site is not about counselling, and I am not qualified to counsel. The above is purely my humble opinion as a Buddhist. Be very careful to take your time to contemplate and assess the whole scenario, before you decide. This is because others will be affected, especially the children.

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PM said...

Responsibility is generally followed by hard work which leads to success and final outcome is happiness.

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