Thursday, October 15, 2009

Perfection in meditation?

Question: (Unedited)
Hi, how does one fight the need to be perfect in meditation?

My comment:

Thank you for asking me.

In the first place, what is perfection in meditation? If there is no answer to it, then there is no problem. There is nothing to fight for, as there is NO need to be perfect.

The skill in meditation is to relax and observe; not to fight for anything or to be perfect in any thing. The object of meditation is to tame the wandering mind so that we can train it to "listen" to us, instead of we taking orders from it. We want to be masters of our minds, and not their slaves.

With a tamed and trained mind, a person can conduct his life with wisdom and will experience inner peace and happiness, without any foolish desires and hindrances.

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