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Common sense : best religion

Question: (Unedited)
Have a few questions on Dhamma that I hope u can help
to provide some answer.

(1)I heard in a dhama talk that after Meteiya Buddha's sasanna, the world will likely end in fire that will burn and destroy many planes of existance, from hell up to a few Brahma realms. Where will those beings be reborn to? Another world system? Is it common for rebirths to occur in another worldsystem?

(2)I spoke with a buddhist friend who told me that Jesus
could be considered a bodhisatta? is it possible?

(3)While intending to perform dana, I sometimes have
doubts that arise in my mind on the authenticity/effectiveness of the donee. Is this doubt
part of the 5 hinderences or prudence? Where shall we
draw the line? Eg. when donating to a charitable
organisation, do I need to check the effectiveness of
the organisation before donating to ensure that the
money will be well spent and that the collecting agent
does not take a big cut?


dhamma learner

My comment:

Hi Dhamma Learner,

Thank you for asking me. I know who you are. Welcome.

1)After the appearance of Maiteya Buddha, this world system will come to an end. The process is a very, very long one. Beings that cannot attain to the Jhannic realms will be wiped out. Where do they go? I would say their rebirths would be in other world systems. Rebirths are said to take place usually at "close proximity", i.e. around familiar grounds.

2)It is always a sensitive issue when we try to "judge" or form opinions on other religions' personalities. In the first place, do we believe in them? If negative, then we should not form any opinion about them.

3)We have to use our common sense and human intelligence to assess the situation. Of course if we know that not much is to be received by the end user, then we should refrain from being a party to this exercise. In the final analysis, we need to use our wisdom and fair judgement to decide; and not just blindly following the crowd. There are so many genuine and deserving organizations that we can donate to. Seek them out and do the needful.

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PM said...

Jesus be considered a bodhisattva..oh don't joke.

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