Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hell (1 of 3)

Question : (Unedited)
It is said that a person who goes to the Avicci hell will have to stay there for "innumerable" kalpas. Does this mean it is eternal? Who are the type of people who end up in this hell? Will speaking harshly about the Buddha make you end up here?
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Hi P,

Avicci hell is the "mother" of all hells, the worst and deepest hell realm.  It is said that when one commits patricide, matricide, hurts a Buddha, causes schism in the holy order of monks, or kills an arahant, one will surely end up in the avicci hell.  The person will be subject to extreme suffering for a very long and unimaginable period of time.  It is so long that it is thought to be eternal, but is not.  When the kammic debt is exhausted the being will be reborn in other realm.

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