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Thanks for your response.

Why is there no logic in subscribing to doctrines that are contradictory to each other as you put it? Surely one can subscribe to elements of one and elements of the other. Do you subscribe to all elements of your branch of Buddhism? The Buddha's closest friends did not agree with everything he preached. Buddhists are not their own masters for if that was so they could control everything which is not true.Neither are Christians puppets on a string because puppets are not sentient beings with a soul. Just because two doctrines are contradictory that doesn't necessarilly mean one must be wrong or that both cannot be right. For me it's like going to a banquet and only eating bread.Taste other contradictory foods, they need not necessarilly harm you or corrupt you.There may be a God there may not be, there may be re incarnation there may not be. I may not know that much about Buddhism but what I do know is this: Buddha summed up his philosophy(if that is the right word?)by saying we should be compassionate, take peaceful steps and to be aware. Jesus did just that. Where's the contradiction?

My comment:

Thanks for coming back.

As I had forewarned that I did not wish to point out other differences for fear of misunderstanding and of sounding disrespectful. It cuts deep into people's sensitivity. I have to be very careful not to offend others who do not share my views. Religion and politics are two very sensitive issues. We must not let our human emotions sour our relationships just because of our differing views. Since you asked me, I had expressed my views. But this does not mean that you must agree with me. I respect your views as explained.

As I had commented earlier, the Buddhist approach is to analyze very rationally and to come to conclusions. If we still cannot find good solutions, then just be patient. Keep on learning and analyzing, and hopefully one day we may find the answer.

Right now, have peace.

I am sorry if I have offended you.

Please feel free to come back for a friendly chat.

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Barry said...

The Buddha was careful to point out that his teachings did not represent a philosophy or belief system.

He simply taught that there were things we could do that would promote happiness and reduce suffering.

Meditation promotes happiness. Following the precepts promotes happiness.

Belief in ideas, concepts, and doctrine promotes suffering, as does lying, killing, stealing and the like.

So from this point of view, the doctrines of Christianity and (what some propose as) the doctrines of Buddhism are mostly beside the real point.

And that point is: How can we live a responsible life? Buddha did that, Jesus did that. How can each of us do the same?

A true Malaysian said...

I don't know about others, but I do know a Buddhist does not ever claim Buddhism is more superior than other religions. I am not sure about the other way round.

Buddha taught us to use our human intelligent to do whatever, not just accept for the sake of accepting, just because so and so, say you must follow this and that.

By the way, glad to see the hibiscus picture.It signifies gracefulness & peacefulness.

Justin Choo said...

Thanks for your Hibiscus, A true Malaysian.

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