Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am still not awakened!

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Question: (Unedited)

Have you attained moksha/awakening? I've had a very meaningful dialogue with a Zen teacher who is awakened, and I'm looking for a different perspective on Buddhism. However, I'm pursuaded that answers from someone who is not awakened would be of little benefit to me.

My comment:

I am sorry to disappoint you as what I am going to say “would be of little benefit to you” because I have not attained moksha, not that I want to.

Please be very careful when you trust anyone who claimed to be somebody or have attained something. If in the future you found that he is not as claimed you would be very disappointed and shattered.

The Buddha taught truth and peace. To have inner peace, we just need to reduce our greed, hatred and delusion.


This is a Follow-up comment by the questioner: (unedited)

Forgive me, Justin, but that's the most fatuous answer I ever heard. Why would a Buddhist EVER deny interest in attaining an awakened state?

Every Buddhist guru I've encountered (including my Zen teacher to a degree)likes to engage in dis-ing other dharmas. But to imply that you don't want to awaken is absurd in the extreme.

My comment: Hi,

Your comments noted with thanks.


By the way "fatuous" from means:


[fach-oo-uhs] Show IPA
1. foolish or inane, esp. in an unconscious, complacent manner; silly.
2. unreal; illusory.

1625–35; < class="ital-inline">fatuus silly, foolish, idiotic; see -ous

fat⋅u⋅ous⋅ly, adverb
fat⋅u⋅ous⋅ness, noun

1. dense, dull, dim-witted. See foolish.


Barry said...

Hi Justin,
I'm with you. In my experience, most teachers are very cautious when it comes to talking about their own experiences. To talk about something that cannot be understood through words can create many confusions for a student, along with damaging projections.

At the same time, some teachers, especially Zen teachers, will comment that of course they are enlightened - but so is everyone. Everyone already has enlightenment. The only catch is the many of us don't realize it, at least not most of the time.

It's so confusing, even for those of us who have practiced for a while, that it might be best not to speak of such things.

Justin Choo said...


My comment was "tongue in cheek",especially the one about not wanting to be awakened.

But I was sure he wouldn't understand my message.

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