Friday, August 14, 2009

Who will learn Buddhism?

(Picture from CK Hon)

Question: (unedited)
Do you think that a certain type of person is attracted to the Buddhist ideas or way of life? If so, why?

My comment:

Not many will want to change their ways and beliefs. They have been indoctrinated by society since the day they were born. Many do not have the freedom of choice. Only those who are prepared to open their minds to new concepts and ideas can learn something different. If Buddhism is completely new to them, the only way to learn is to approach it with open mind. Otherwise, nothing can be done.

Buddhist concepts are very different from the other religions especially the God based monistic theologies. Only those who are prepared to put aside their stereotyped beliefs can learn Buddhism; otherwise they will feel threatened by the different interpretations and perception of the world and existence which Buddhism revealed.

Only those who value peace and freedom of thoughts can be attracted to Buddhism.

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PM said...

Well said. Certainly a religion with freedom. Though it is a way of life, it has become the norm to refer buddhism as a religion.

No one is forced to become a buddhist. He is free to come and go,thats the beauty.

Those indoctrinated the day they were born do not understand this.

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