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Question (Unedited)
I am working on a research paper for one of my college classes. In the catholic religion the have people called incorrupitbles (Incapable of being morally corrupted). Do you have something like that in your religion?
Thank you for your time,

My comment:
Hi H,

Thank you for asking me.

There is always something new for me to learn. I never knew that there was such a term in the Catholic religion. The meaning, I would assume is that the person is 100% morally incorruptible. This is a very tall order. Are we so pure and clean that we will never be morally corrupted? I would like to be one, but there is no guarantee that I can, if being tempted continuously.

In Buddhism the frailty of humans is a very realistic and common factor. The Buddha cautioned his followers to watch their behaviour in thought, speech and action, so that they would not fall prey to heedlessness. Ordinary mortals would be very difficult to be 100% morally incorruptible. "Incapable" will be a very strong adjective, meaning that it is impossible for the person to be corrupted (even if he wishes). In Buddhism such a person would be one who has completely eradicated the 3 roots of defilements, namely greed, hatred and delusion. Such a person is called an Arahant, or "Saint" for lack of a better English equivalent. This person will be incapable of not only being morally corrupt but also incapable of being hateful and greedy. In addition he is perfectly wise and enlightened. Such people are very few in this world.

Smile from justinchoo :-)


PM said...

""catholic religion the have people called incorrupitbles""

This is the biggest lie of the catholic. If you read the book written by Charles Chiniquy "Fifty Years in the Church of Rome" you will find how nuns were raped by the catholic priest. This book was written during the time of Abraham Lincolm in the 1800s

There are numerous books also written by ex-priest eg G. Vincent Runyon,Joseph McCabe. McCabe book will give you all the crimes committed. If you are interested
""The War And Papal Intrigue"" is a good start. He has written quite a number of books.

Galileo with his discovery was condemned by the catholic church and sent to prison.

In Ireland the Irish women were the most badly treated and they hated the catholic.
Youtube ""Catholic Crimes Against Irish Women and Children""

Incapable of being morally corrupted..real rubbish

Now you know why I left that religion.

Justin Choo said...


You were a Christian (Catholic) before??!!

PM said...


Brought up in a catholic environment and sick of it became a methodist..finally became a buddhist and found what I was looking for. I think I have mentioned in your blog I was targeted to join the Christain Brotherhood.

Comparing the catholic and methodist preachers/priest, the catholic priest are really the bad ones with a hidden aganda.

In malaysia they work under the direction of the jesuits from Rome to manipulate widows/women for donation.

The catholic followers are normal good ppl but if only they find out more what the priest are doing during retreats.

Should be of interest..books written by:
Thomas Paine,Albert Einstein,Bertrand Russel, Robert G Ingersoll, Mark Twain and Voltaire.

PM said...

Many catholic or christain do not read and do some soul searching for truth. They just listen and take for granted what ever rubbish told are the truth.

When I attended retreats and during questions and answers ... on all my questions, I was told just accept it. You must have faith. Later I found out the priest are under oath not to translate the bible. Even during bible reading, the priest just read and will never explain what it is all about.

When I was in US, I got to know some of canon laws of the church, I was shocked.!!! See the canon laws of the church:

The first declaration of this "Canon Law',is: "All human power is from evil and must therefore be standing under the Pope."

"The state has not the right to leave every man free to profess and embrace whatever religion he shall deem true. "

"The state has not the right to establish a church separate from the Pope."

"That the state has not the right to assist the inmates of monasteries and convents to abandon them."

The Roman Catholic church has the right to require the state not to leave every man free to profess his own religion."

"Roman Catholicism has the right to exercise her power without permission or consent of the state.""

"Roman Catholicism has the right to prevent the foundation of any national church not subject to the direct authority of the Roman pontiff."

"The Roman Catholic church has the right to deprive the civil authorities of the entire government of the public schools."

"Roman Catholicism has the right to require that the Roman Catholic religion shall be THE ONLY RELIGION of the nation, to the exclusion of all others."

"Roman Catholicism has the power to require the nation not to permit free expression of opinions. "

A true Malaysian said...


What you commented above are all new to me. I can't imagine myself to be in that kind of situation.

There are universal truths all over but certain people just couldn't accept worry about being reprimanded by their beliefs system. A lot of wisdom and compassion are needed for one to see and accept universal truths in Buddha's teachings. The word "God" is indeed feared by many. See how's strong their "God" is?

Thanks for sharing.

PM said...

true malaysian,

Thats is not all. During one of the retreats I attended, I asked the priest ""how many ten commandments are there??""

The answer given "one" but I later asked why in the bible there are four sets of Ten Commandment. The answer was.."just accept it as one""

You can ask any christain "How many sets of Ten Commandments they will tell you only one"

In the bible there are four sets, some resembling each other

Set 1. appears in Exodus 20:3-17

Set 2. Deuteronomy 5:6-21 there is given a second set of laws. but forty years later on Mount Horab

Set 3. Exodus 21:1 - 23:26 consisting of no less than forty commandments.

Set 4. Exodus 34:14-26, is radically different from the original tablets.

The words, The Ten Commandments, appears only three times in the entire Bible (Exodus 34:28, Deut.4:13, and Deut.10:4.)

See how confusing it is???

PM said...

In the same retreat I was just shattered to bits. There were three verses I brought out and had felt the displeasure of the priest.
I was told if you are busy tomorrow you don't have to come...indirectly telling me to get lost. My reply I have given thoughts to it.

My arguement was how can there be love in the religion when the bible states:

Matthew 10:34 jesus says, "Think not that I am come to bring peace on earth. I came not to bring peace, but a sword."

Matthew 10:35) "For I come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law."

Luke 12:51-53
[51] Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:
[52] For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.
[53] The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law

How can I follow the teaching of the bible when I am asked to fight against my own father, brothers and sisters.

After leaving the church I read the koran, Tao Teh Ching and Gospel of buddha and other buddhist script that I can lay my hands on.

In the Tao Teh Ching and Buddhist texts there is not a single word to kill nor disruption of human life. How peaceful it is in reading them.

Sorry Justin for being long winded.

Justin Choo said...


This book Beyond Belief tears apart all the contradictory statements found in the bible:

The author has used a pseudoname. I personally know the real author.

PM said...


I have this it many years ago. I have lots of other books too.

A true Malaysian said...


Thanks for the link. I am impressed with the preface, and will read the book in more detail.

PM said...

true malaysian

Just in case your are interested:

Must read The Secret Terrorist:

Thomas Paine has written a few books, of interest are Age of reasons and Examination of prophecies. Examination of prophecies argued on the four gospel..verses by verses torn to bits. These were some of the reference I brought up during my time with the church, Unfortunately no internet then..

This is the site where you can get the other material I have mentioned above.

Forgery In Christianity:

Before you read all those books, I would suggest you download from youtube "The Naked truth" by Jordan Maxwell. It gives an overview of the bible and similarity to the Hindu, Buddhist and other ancient saviours.

A true Malaysian said...


Thanks. I have a huge task ahead of me.

Justin knew it. Hehehe

A true Malaysian said...


Just to put on record what I responded to a Muslim commentator in Dr. Hsu's Forum. The word "God" is indeed has very powerful effects on certain people, even though HE is not in existence. But, what to do? The word "God" has been in existence since stone age. Read below what I responded,


I am not a Buddhist scholar and I have no answer to your question on the birth of galaxy & why it is expanding. Even scientists have no answer to that, and I leave it to these scientists to find out the answers.

Nevertheless, may I ask you, is it so important to find out the answer? I can guess your answer to this is the almighty God. But, if it is true, so what? We still cannot find lasting peace in this world. We don’t need to see elsewhere but just in Malaysia alone. The word “God” or “Allah” has created so much controversies, to the extent of who has the rights to use “Allah” in their prayers or publication. At the end of the day, my question is, what’s next?

As I said, I am not a Buddhist scholar, but I do understand that Buddha taught me to learn how to co-exist harmoniously with other co-inhabitants of this world, as they too have the rights of existence in this world, that includes fellow human beings, animals, insects, plants, other living things and I may add, spirits and ghosts.

As you commented, the galaxy keep on changing and expanding, that tells us that the universe is not static but keep on evolving from one form to another. I guess, that’s the reason why Buddha reminds us to us our wisdoms from time to time. Without wisdom, we may lost in oblivion and deviate from true teachings of our respective religions. That, we should avoid at all cost.

Supremacy of one religion to the other, or from one race to the other, is out of the question. It only reflects the inferior side our we human beings.

PM said...

true malaysian

Well said.

There is no proof of the galaxy is expanding. The galaxy is there and has not been discovered yet. Even if it is discovered it is no proof that there is a god who created it.

How can god who is nothing without a corporal body create a human or the galaxies. You must have something to create another thing.
So the saying ""Let us make man in our image"" is just bullshit.

But if you look further on the plural aspect of it, "us" and "our"

Is it a council of gods or scientist????

It's a good thing that buddhist don't believe in god as they do,otherwise we will be killing each other over this silly god they call the creator.

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