Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why people choose Buddhism?

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Why do people follow this religion?

My comment:


Thank you for asking me. I would assume that you are interested to know why people CHOOSE this religion.

The most salient point in Buddhism is the FREEDOM to think and analyze. The Buddha encouraged his followers to analyze his teachings. Only if they agreed with them should they accept and follow. There are no dogmas and commandments, forcing people to accept. The basic 5 principles which Buddhists follow are universal values. They are as follows:
to refrain from killing; from stealing; from committing sexual misconduct; from telling lies; and from taking intoxicating substances.

The Buddha preached COMPASSION for all beings. Non violence is the essential theme.

The Buddha revealed the universal truth of the nature of this world and this existence. His explanations were based on facts that we could analyze. His revelations have been proven to be consistent with subsequent scientific discoveries.

The emphasis on cultivating and training the mind is yet another salient point which people choose Buddhism. A tamed mind is a gentle mind. He who has tamed his mind is a person who can live a peaceful and harmless live. He is the master of his mind. He is not one who is a slave of his mind leading to greed, hatred, and delusion.

I think the above would be good enough reasons.


PM said...

""The Buddha encouraged his followers to analyze his teachings. Only if they agreed with them should they accept and follow""

This is the beauty of buddhism, encouragement of free inquiry and not based on rigid religious texts.

Where else can one find this teaching...

BellBookCandleSupply said...

Practicing buddhism sustain a wholesome life that brings good karma in our daily living. All positive enlightenment is attained if one focuses on right words, thoughts and deeds. Establishing the right mindset, anyone can live a happy and blessed life.
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Anonymous said...

I like what you said about mind training. Greed, hatred and delusion affect the untrained mind, causing all the sufferings. But we have been so involved with this mind that it seems impossible to disentangle the whole mess. What is the Buddhist's solution to this mess? Vipassana meditation?

Justin Choo said...


You can start off by not thinking too much about the person who has hurt you.

Hazel said...

Having chosen Buddhism, which Buddhist school should I follow?

Justin Choo said...

Hi Hazel,

The fundamental teachings of the Buddha are similar in all the main schools of Buddhism.

You need to acquaint yourself with these different schools, and decide acording to your temperaments and preference.

Generally speaking, Tibetan and other Mahayana schools are more ritualistic related to their cultures. Theravada is less ritualistic.

Please read through these two sites for a start:

(Go to the links on the right column as well)


Barnaby said...

If there are no deities to worship and Buddha encouraged freedom to accept or reject his teachings, why are Buddhist teachers, monks and nuns revered by followers?

I would have thought worshiping the Dalai Lama and other 'holy' people is at odds with Buddhas idea that we follow our own path?

Justin Choo said...

Hi Barnaby,
Just like we respect our teachers.

Well-informed Buddhists don't worship them.

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