Saturday, August 1, 2009

To fight like Mike Tyson. (Part1 of 2)

(Picture from CK Hon)

Question: (Unedited)
i am a 14 year old lay buddhist and i go to a highschool and im wondering is it ok to fight a kid if he really makes you mad and you want to punch him. I tried to meditate but he is still getting on my nerves so can i fight him

My comment:
Hi Tyson,

Thank you for asking me. At your age you are certainly not Mike Tyson. It is easy to get into fights, especially if you are strong and mighty. But it is not a wise decision because it is a lose lose situation. Even if you win the fight, you will still not solve the problem, because the "enemy" will still be lurking behind your shoulders waiting for the opportune time to strike. And if you lose; you lose.

It takes greater strength and character to restrain oneself. Perhaps you can physically avoid him to diffuse the difficult situation. You may consider consulting your student counsellor (if any) or your teacher, or even your parents.

Please take care.

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