Friday, May 14, 2010

It's all in the mind. (Part 1 of 2)

Question : (Unedited)

Hello Justin, I'm curious, do people cry or get emotional while praying and chanting mantras? Is that common? I've been feeling a bit down lately, and at times while I'm praying, tears just flow from my eyes... Thanks for your feedback.

My comment:
Hi J..,

It's all about human emotion.  The same song can evoke different feelings to different people, and at different times as well.  Whether one is chanting mantra or reciting Christian prayer, one can get emotionally charged if one's mind is allowed to be influenced by the general mood especially during mass rally.

On a more personal note, the same mantra can evoke different feelings depending on one's mood.  It all boils down to the tricks our mind plays on us, because we unwittingly allow our mind to lead us to express our inner feelings.  So when we feel sad we shed tears while listening to the same music or chanting the same mantra.  And when we are in a happy mood, chanting the same mantra will bring smiles in our faces!  And if we feel peaceful, then the mantra will create a serene atmosphere.  It's all in your mind. 

There are also many who believe that chanting mantras or reciting prayers will send them to heaven!  

Smile from justinchoo :-)

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