Monday, May 3, 2010

Which nostril?

Question : (Unedited)
Hi Justinchoo :)

I was reading an article on the chanting of the words 'samma araham' and visualizing a crystal sphere in seven places in your body. I was wondering why in the first place (at the tip of the nose) men should meditate on the sphere entering through the right nostril while for women it is through the left? Why this difference and what's the cause of it?

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My comment: 

Hi V...,

Thank you for asking me.

I share your sentiment and questioning.  You are right,  they don't make any sense!

The Buddha taught the truth about existence and how to live a peaceful and happy life.  His teachings were based on universal truths which transcend race, culture, belief, nationality, and even time and space.  He taught us the importance of using our common sense and human intelligence to conduct our lives in a wholesome and peaceful manner.  What have all these got to do with crystal sphere in 7 places and which nostril?  May I suggest that you stop wasting your time reading such nonsense.  

May I suggest that you read this book on the TEACHINGS of the Buddha, "What Buddhists Belief" :
"What Buddhist Believe" written by my revered teacher, Ven. K Sri Dhammananda.  This book explains the Buddhist perspective on life's general questions.
Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda is my revered teacher. His writings have benefitted countless people throughout the world.  He had recently passed away (18 Mar 1919 -- 31 Aug 2006)

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