Thursday, November 6, 2008

Reiki and Buddhism


I have been suffering from self-esteen problem as i had very bad acne hence into depression for 4 years. So i seek a Buddhist Reiki healer for help. Actually before i seek her help,i'm already progressing in my life,cause i'm quite use to my acned face and it has been recovering better.I'm beginning to be the old optimistic and fun loving me,always ready to interact with people. But the healer teacher said i shouldn't go back to that 'me',adding that i always like to attach myself to feeling happy and have too many wants and said i will have superficial friends. I'm pretty supress and confuse by this statement because I'm just doing what i naturally like and with conscience intact. And the fact that i care for my look doesn't mean i only look for superficial friends,i always treat people with sensitivity and with my heart just that looking good will booast my confidence in meeting people.Now, i'm in serious depression,every moment having guilt in whatever i do. So how can Buddhist teachings be applied to layman like us who seek normal wants, like having friends or starting family.

My comment:

Hi, Thank you for asking me.
You just get on with your life. Continue to live the life that you've enjoyed. There is no where in the teachings of the Buddha that curtails a lay person's conduct of his life. As a lay Buddhist, one is advised to follow the 5 precepts, and live a noble and harmless life. We are all subject to certain worldly desires and it is natural that we seek worldly enjoyment within certain limits. So long as we are not too crazy chasing and seeking worldly pleasures, it is reasonable for us to seek worldly happiness like what you have been doing.

Reiki, as you know, is a form of healing using one's natural inner energy. This has nothing to do with Buddhism. Please don't get yourself entangled between reiki and the teachings of the Buddha. They are two entirely different subjects.

Hope you can be your HAPPY self again!

Smile from justinchoo :-)

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WELCOME TO lovery woman or man



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