Friday, November 14, 2008

Superman and Buddha

Question: (unedited)
Subject: Silly Question
Simple (dumb) question : is it true that Buddha had supernatural powers, like Superman :)

My comment:

Well since it's a silly question, you will receive a SILLY answer: Superman was an Indian (not your Red Indian) of the Indian Continent. He was a monk, but misbehaved by showing off his supernatural powers and had to be disrobed and exiled in a faraway uncivilized land called America. That was why his underwear was showing!

Laugh by justinchoo :-0

[Footnote: The questioner is a regular, so this is a light-hearted banter!! :-) ]


Barry said...

What are supernatural powers?

It's a good question, I think.

There are many people who can do things that I cannot imagine doing - does that mean that they have supernatural powers?

It also raises the question: What are natural powers?

Thanks, Justin!


Justin Choo said...


Foolish people are always awed by those who possess such supernatural powers. To add miseries to their follies, there are always conmen who are ever ready vultures waiting to strike at anytime!

I use to remind people that if such supernatural powers were so POWERFUL, then Tibet, Thailand and Jamica, to name a few, would be the most powerful countries in the world. You know what I mean?

Thanks for visiting.

A true Malaysian said...

It is a stupid silly question indeed. How can one compares a fictional character with Buddha?

Buddha is Buddha. We need to respect Buddha even if we are not Buddhists.

Justin Choo said...

A True Malaysian,

He was just joking.

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