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Please tell me why is there no accurate explanation for time in buddhist philosophy ? The world is nicely explained as manifestation of mind, but i couldn't find any explanation for time except "continuous flow". I hope you can give a simple answer, for a simple man. thank you for your time

My comment:
Thank you for asking me.

By the way, I am also a simple man, just like you. I shall try to give a simple answer. In fact if you care to read my answers in the "previously asked question" page, you will find that all my answers were simple and down-to-earth.

Time is a concept "invented" by man to indicate a point in time. It was also natural that since time immemorial, man could see the sun rose and set, seasons changed. With the identification of those physical changes, the concept of time naturally occured. Now if we were to explore space, we would notice that there is no end to our journey. And if were to trace back to the origin of "creation" we would find that a beginning cannot be established. If there is no beginning and no end, how can we have TIME?

Please come back if you need to, happy thinking.

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