Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dispassion on life.

Question : (Unedited)

What is the difference between "craving not to live" (an opposite of craving to live) and "disppassion on life" (Nimbida)"

My comment:

I looked up the Pali-English dictionary, but could not find the word "nimbida".

"Craving not to live" to me sounds like "wanting to commit suicide".

"Dispassion on life" sounds like the understanding of the nature of the unsatisfactoriness of existence. That life in itself is nothing but a passing cloud. There is nothing in life, except birth, old age and death. There is nothing to be passionate about living.

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Charm Girl said...

Let me add my thoughts like this,
If you mean commit suicide by “Craving not to live” well its wrong thinking of understanding about this life. One can think this life is full of sufferings such that everyone has to face problems like aging, getting sick and finally death. He may think I should not live in this world and should try to find a way to end these suffering. Important thing here is the way he is going to end this suffering. Will committing suicide give a solution to him? NO...He would rebirth as another living creature (can be a human or not) according to his karmic energy and will have to face to the same problems again. Committing suicide is just trying to escape from the current situation.
If we want to end this suffering we MUST find the root cause and destroy it. This is what Buddha has taught us. There is a clearly defined way to achieve this target. (Noble Eightfold Path)
One should be able to understand the eternal truth about this life according to Buddha’s teachings and should conduct a life in a way he can live happily by doing good things. We need to understand the middle way Buddha has taught us. We should not attach to things which can bring us bad karma, instead we can cultivate good karma by doing good things. This is called “Dispassion on life – Understanding the eternal truth or the nature of this life and live according to that by not going to extreme ends”
Leaving this world by committing a suicide to end the suffering is not the right way. It should be leaving the world by destroying the root cause for suffering by following the correct path according to the Buddhism is the right way.

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