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Question : (Unedited)
Why is Mahabrahma also called the Creator God? Does he play a role in the beginning of a new world system? Do we and dewas basically look alike (ie. have a face with 2 eyes, 2 ears,1 nose and 1 mouth and 2 hands and 2 legs)? Is it true that in the beginning of a new world system, the brahmas decended to the earth surface and gradually evolved to become human beings?

My comment:
Mahabrahma is called the creator god only by the Hindus. Maha means great, and Brahma means god. The story goes that this Brahma was the first to descend to the lower realm and feeling lonely wished for companions. Later others also descended and the self-fufilling prophesy was created. This Brahma thought that he had great power in creating the others, while the others thought that this Brahma really created them; thus he became Maha Brahma!
The beginning of the world and life are described in the Brahmajala Sutta (the first sutta in the Digha Nikaya) and the Aganna Sutta (Vol 3 Digha Nikaya).

From the description of the planes of existence, devas are also sensual beings which I would assume that they are similar to us, except more refined.


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