Sunday, November 29, 2009

Question, you are afraid to ask a monk.

Question : (Unedited )

hi justin me again. just wanted to know your thoughts on lust and
masturbation (bit of an icky subject i know but i had to ask)
thanks again j

My comment:
Hi J,

You are a very lucky person to get a chance to ask such "sensitive" question. Up till now I dare not ask my spiritual teachers for fear of embarrassing them or getting a "tick off".

The 3 questions we need to ask ourselves in all things are these:
1) does it hurt oneself?
2) does it hurt others?
3) is it beneficial to oneself?

If 1 & 2 are negative, then there is no harm done. As for 3; if 1 & 2 are negative, even if not beneficial, there is nothing wrong with it. Just plain common sense.

In Buddhism we are encouraged to use our human intelligence and common sense to analyze all things and come to conclusion with full confidence. We need not have to search the "holy text" to decide on everything. Give ourselves due authority to live as decent human beings who know what is right and wrong without the need to depend on others, or fear of some "powerful beings".

As humans, we are very sensual, especially regards to sex. It is our natural instinct, there is nothing wrong with it. But be careful not to allow this sexual craving to control our lives.

Be moderate, and remember, freedom must come with responsibilities.


Charm Girl said...

Four conditions to Sexual Misconduct
1. It must be a man or a woman with whom it is improper to have sexual intercourse.
2. There must be an intention to have such sexual misconduct with such man or woman.
3. There must be an act done to have such intercourse.
4. There must be enjoyment of the contact of the organs.
If all the said four conditions are fulfilled, the third precept is violated. If we masturbate by thinking of another person I think it can violate all the 4 conditions mentally. Every physical and verbal action is preceded by mental activity. According to Buddhism there are three evil actions which are caused by mind. They are covetousness, ill-will, and false views. The only difference is we only don’t have the man/woman physically in front of us. Can you please comment on this?

Justin Choo said...

Charm Girl,

This is new to me. I still would simply put anything to the 3-acid test:
Is the action harmful to oneself?
Is the action harmful to others?
Is the action bebenficial?

Dhammapada Verse 1:
Mind precedes all mental states.

Justin Choo said...

I mean:

Is the action beneficial?

A true Malaysian said...

Just do things with clear conscience and hurt no one. It may hurts your own self in the process, but no one can stop you from doing.

Why worry of religious compliance when doing things. In Buddhism, there is no such thing as you must or must not do. You do it, you responsible for it.

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